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Jefferson Market Garden

Booking Jefferson Market Garden for a Wedding http://www.jeffersonmarketgarden.org The Garden is a favorite location for couples from the Village and friends throughout the city and the world. Perhaps our most famous event was Miranda’s wedding (Cynthia Nixon) in ‘Sex and the City.’

We welcome your interest in booking the Garden for weddings, commitment ceremonies and wedding photography.

Below are some general guidelines to answer your questions about weddings. The first step is to contact our Wedding Coordinator via email at BLBrownnyc@aol.com with the desired date (alternate dates) and the number of guests and length of time needed for the ceremony. Our wedding coordinator will confirm the availability of the date and the amount of the Reservation Fee, based on number of guests and time in the Garden, in the reply.

The Reservation Fee for private use of the Garden directly supports the maintenance and enhancement of the Garden. The fee is not returnable unless the Garden is closed on the day of your event because of inclement weather or other acts of God beyond the control of the Garden staff. The Garden staff makes the final determination about whether the Garden will be open. If the Garden cannot be open and your event cannot be rescheduled, your fee will be returned minus a processing charge.

If your wedding is canceled for any other reason, your fee will not be returned. The Garden is available for ceremonies and photo shoots only: Receptions, food and beverages (other than bottled water), thrown rice, confetti or birdseed, additional chairs, rugs/runners and tents are not permitted. For your wedding, the Garden is closed to the general public. There are no restroom facilities at the Garden. The wedding ceremony reservation does not include a private rehearsal. You may arrange in advance with our wedding coordinator to do a brief walk-through with key members of your party and the officiant. However, the Garden will remain open to the public during that time.

The gate staff will be informed that people will be on the lawn for a brief period.

The second step is to fill out the following form and return it via email to BLBrownNYC@aol.com.

The third step is to mail a check made out to Jefferson Market Garden for the full Reservation Fee. Please also include a copy of the completed application form to the address below. The Wedding Coordinator will send you a confirmation upon receipt of the fee.