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Let us start by saying this... Elopements now, unlike a decade ago have such a wide span of definitions. We often shoot elopements for couples that have decided to bring along their entire families and group of friends to New York City. Or sometimes they want to plan a more "Country" Elopement in the picturesque Hudson Valley (a short train ride up the Hudson River.)

Our definition now states that:, "An Elopement is a fun, carefree intimate wedding. It can be just the two of you or the two of you with 20 family members. It can be anywhere at anytime." 

What do we do first?

Set a Date!

We have multiple inquiries for weddings daily, for all times of the year. And frankly, we can not move forward until there is a specific date set. 

Figure out the best time of year for you to travel. Whether it be Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall its up to you.  But, remember don’t try to squeeze everything in to a couple of days.

Normally, we suggest an arrival day and at least one free day before the ceremony. The reason is, you need a buffer day to get the license and we suggest a 48 hour wait before the ceremony. We have had couples whose flights have been delayed and they were forced to get a 24 hour waiver from the court…. Don’t risk it!

 (If you are arriving on a Monday, get your license on Monday if possible, and schedule your ceremony on Wednesday or Thursday.)

Go to the Clerks website and take note of all the proper paperwork you will need. Passport, License etc… If you have any questions or concerns we'll be more than happy to assist you. http://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/html/marriage/marriage_bureau.shtml

Please remember everything. It may seem daunting to some, but to be quite honest the city office has it down to a science and makes it pretty easy for everyone.


Hire Us!

You can hire us as a Package with Photography and/or Officiant (we're Licensed Officiants). Planning is also included. (*Please inquire for our Availability). 

Photography options start at $600.00 USD. (*Planning included)

Photography & Officiant options start at $900.00 USD. (*Planning included)

When you hire us, along with Photography and/or Officiant, we also Plan your day. We'll assist with your Ceremony Location, additional Vendor referral and develop an itinerary to help the day move along nicely, allowing you to enjoy the wedding and soak up the surroundings. Also, we'll give you a list of some of our favorite "non-tourist" local things to do and places to go! 

Need a Witness? When hiring us you have a built in witness. Remember, the officiant cannot be your witness. Therefore, since there's two of us (one person can be your witness), even if we're your officiant.

If you are coming to the city alone, we find it much less stressful to have a witness ahead of time. You do not want to worry about asking strangers with proper ID to sign a really important document for you. You must have a witness with proper ID for the marriage to be legal.

If you've decided to have your friend officiate your wedding, Great! But please remember that they need to be registered with the city in order for it to be legal. This process should be started a good 60 days prior to your ceremony. 


Schedule a Location and Time for your Ceremony.

We have a list of great places! New York City has many great Restaurants, Hotels and Unique places to hold your Ceremony and of course Parks. Make sure it's not too early. You want that day to be relaxed and hassle free. Sleep in, enjoy a nice breakfast and maybe a manicure or facial. Ask us which locations/times we suggest based on the time of year/season etc…


Hire your Elopement Professionals.

We have an extensive list of professionals in New York City for Hair Makeup, Music, Transportation, Floral, and Food to round out your Elopement day.  We will assist you with all of this!